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Hi all. I’ve been practising VO as a hobby for a number of years now, and in the past year have really focused on getting professional coaching, building a good recording space and having all the right equipment. I recently recorded my first demo through Edge (from my self-built in-home booth) and am now about to start doing auditions. I’m working on the profile I will post at online audition sites, and I see that on a number of them they ask you to identify what you have available to do directed sessions. I’ve done a bit of research into ipDTL and Source Connect, but have a couple questions.

When we recorded my demo, I know it was done with ipDTL. I haven’t personally purchased the ipDTL software, but does the fact that I was able to do the demo recording from my booth mean that I can list ipDTL as one of my options for a directed recording? I assume that would require the client to have the ipDTL software?

The Source Connect software is fairly expensive for someone just starting out and not yet making any money (Standard version is a $35/mth subscription or a one-time $650 purchase). I see they offer a 2-day license for $25, so I was thinking I could probably list Source Connect as one of the options I have available, and just get the 2-day license if/when I book a job. Anyone foresee any issues with doing that, at least until/if I start booking enough jobs to warrant subscribing or purchasing? Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks. Toque.