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    Are you booking work? Great! We want to hear about it! Please use this forum to share all your accomplishments with the rest of the voice over community.

    Please remember to stay positive, and to refrain from discussions that involve direct competitors with Edge Studio’s education programs.

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    Christie Crossley

    Hi Guys!

    I narrated a student documentary last year, Winter of 2019. This year the film maker has been submitting the film to various film festivals and has been officially selected for many festivals (which they can’t get into if they’re not up to par). I thought how wonderful for him and I’ve been following, cheering him on this year.

    The last film festival our collaboration was in also selected my voice over for recognition. I’m so Thrilled!!!
    The film is called “Treasures of the Chesapeake” by Christopher Lapinski.
    The festival is Nature Without Borders International Film Festival and the results just came out Nov 27th, 2020.
    Officially they awarded Outstanding Excellence for both cinematography and voice over talent.

    There are more festivals for this film maker in the coming months and I’m so thrilled to see what he’s done with the project.

    This just goes to show that our work behind the scenes does matter! While the recognition wasn’t immediate, I still feel like our collaboration matters. I’d definitely recommend following your clients, from a reasonable distance, and applaud their successes for your work together. It feels so rewarding.

    Keep at it VO family. So proud of all the accomplishments here, big and small!!!

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    I found out last night that the narration demo that I had produced through Edge (directed by James Andrews, engineered by Kevin Schorman) was nominated for a Voice Arts Award (Outstanding Narration Demo – Best Voiceover). Not really worried if I win or not, it’s just pretty unbelievable that it got this far. James really is a great coach.

    The SOVAS Voice Arts Awards will be live streamed on 12/6.

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      Edge Studio Staff

      Brian! Congratulations! That is incredible news- we are SO proud of you! We’ll be sure to pass along the great news to James and Kevin.

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        Thanks, I appreciate it. I’m looking forward to working with Kevin again in the coming months when I get my commercial demo produced.

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      Brian, “Bravo” and glad to hear about your demo being nominated! It’s great to hear of these accomplishments thru this forum. Previously the only way was to contact other members thru messaging or emails. Congratulations and good luck!!!

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    Hello all! First, congratulations on the wonderful website. I completed my narration demo in September, after spending the summer studying with Danielle. I learned so much from her not just about how to speak, but how to care for my voice. Right now, I’m putting together my home studio and I’ve put together a website, where you can hear my demo: .

    Once my home studio is done, I look forward to actively pursuing work opportunities and seeing where this fun venture takes me after a challenging year! Thanks Edge crew. I’ll be back to do additional studying to be sure.

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      I’m not going to even act as if I have been able to land anything yet. But, I know that it is coming. And soon, too. I’m just happy to be doing this with all of you. I’ll be looking forward with getting to know some you and even working with you.

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