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    Are you having trouble with our Community Forum? Need help navigating our website? Please let us know! Edge Studio routinely monitors the forum, so this is the best place to let us know if you have any questions.

    Please remember to stay positive, and to refrain from discussions that involve direct competitors with Edge Studio’s education programs.

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    Anyone know how to post recordings in the feedback forum without them turning into downloadable files? I am having that issue and can’t even delete the initial post. I tried submitting in both m4a and wav formats and both times did the same thing. Thank you!

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      Edge Studio Staff

      Hi! You have to upload mp3s to the forum, no other file type will work properly.

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    How can I provide feedback on someone’s recording? I click on the Reply # to the right? The reply to box at the bottom seems like a general posting area for uploading my recordings.

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      Edge Studio Staff

      Hi ElcysVoice,

      In order to reply to a specific post, click the hyperlinked text that says “reply” on their post, rather than the number all the way to the right. I’ve attached a screenshot to this post to show you how I replied to you!

      You can always call our office at 212-868-3343 for further assistance.


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    FYI: after editing a post, the forum doesn’t always re-post the edit. It completely disappears.

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    Is there a way to delete a post in the feedback forum? I accidentally nested a post within another user’s post looking for feedback and I’m afraid it’s going to confuse the issue or detract from the original user’s post.

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      Same thing happened to me. (I asked below.) I still need to contact Edge to delete, but someone on staff who is a forum admin can delete it for you. I wish we had the capabilities to delete them ourselves (and no timer on the edit function).

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    I registered for a webinar that’s happening right now and I still haven’t received a webinar link. Who can I talk to?

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    I am not sure what the issue is, but I tried posting (replying to the forum) my post/mp3 upload about five times Friday night in the feedback forum, and each time I would find it in the reply box at the bottom of the page. I logged out, back in, and that didn’t solve the problem.

    I am sure it will post eventually, but I wanted to pass it along.

    Thank you.

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      Edge Studio Staff

      Hi- Looks like you have been able to post on the forum since you wrote this? Please let us know if you are still running into any issues!

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    How do you post something new? Not seeing any buttons for ‘create post’ or ‘new post’, etc.

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      Sorry I meant to say go back to feedback forum not feedback issues and scroll down to bottom of page one and there’s a dialog box you can type your message or your script in and blow that attach your file hope that helps moose.

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      Go back one page and hit feedback forum issues it’s directly under feedback forum, then you go to the bottom of the page and there’s a dialog box hit reply just above that.

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    First of all, congratulations to last month’s audition contest winners!

    But…the feedback is super confusing to me.

    The audition text says:

    Director’s notes
    This is a simulated audition for a Washington Mutual radio spot. We are looking for a classic announcer style, yet without any hard sell. One take only, slate username at the end.

    Yet the feedback says (paraphrasing): “This is a TV commercial and we weren’t looking for the classic announcer read.”

    I’m pretty new to VO; I spent a year researching, learning, and doing over 450 auditions on a P2P site 2 years ago, without getting a single job. I listened to as many of the winning / finished VOs as I could to figure out how to improve my reads, and found the same thing: I’ve not once heard a finished read that even remotely resembles the instructions in the audition text.

    I gave up in frustration and have been out of it for about a year; but had somebody ask me to do a read for their youtube video recently (for free, of course), so I did. Then I came back here to try again, but…yeah…I’m still confused.

    Obviously, the 3 winners were mind readers!

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    I submitted an entry for the November WaMu contest but I do not see my entry on the list. Was wondering if it went through.
    Thank you in advance.

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    “This is a simulated audition for a Washington Mutual radio spot”. Was the instructions for Novembers audition contest. However in the reviews they call it a TV commercial? Which makes the delivery much different, he even says it- (Also, this is a TV commercial. If it had been a radio commercial, with no visual of Jen, the pause could make the cold-open syllables “For Jen” meaningless and confusing . Geez!

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