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    Hi. Has anyone had any experience using/creating custom EQs? I’ve messed around a bit with trial-and-error, but am curious about the experiences others have had. Maybe even buying/having a preset done professionally?

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    Would be great to be able to edit posts on the forum instead of having to create a new reply instead. A search bar would also be great for ease of navigation.

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    Gracie Parker

    why hello! So I was posting my sample reads for the first time, and I didn’t know that m4a’s were not acceptable formats on here. So I clicked the edit button, made some specific changes to my text, and also re-uploaded the newly converted files. Um, so after I submitted it, it still has the old post up with the old unaccessible files and without the new text I added. BONUS, the edit button disappeared. Do I just try again on a completely new post? Or do I have to wait it out? Either way, this is frustrating. 🙁

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    I’ve uploaded twice but I only see one post and it has the files in an unacceptable format. What should I do?

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    Courtney Feiman

    Hi! I posted on the forum for HW and it said it posted, but I can’t find it anywhere. I tried posting again, but it still didn’t show up. Any idea what’s going on?

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    Hi, i’ve just joined this website. I must say this is very helpful and informative.

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    I tried posting on the feedback forum with some uploads and when I clicked ‘submit’ it just took me back to the home page for the forum and I don’t see my post. Does it have to be approved or something? I don’t want to try posting again and then realize I double-posted.

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    I tried to post on the feedback forum after being given some homework. I posted yesterday and it has yet to show up. What is going on?

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