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Hi Chad,
You’ve got a rich voice with great potential.
For both reads, you need more emotion in it. Don’t go overboard, though.
Thermacare: No echo, but heard some plosives (P sound). I felt there was a bit too much base. The speech started too early, and cut off a bit early. Give it another moment or second. It felt like I missed something. You need to sound like blocking the pain with ordinary patches is for cavemen, but with Thermacare, you are SAVED !!! something like that.
Jif: What happened to the sound here? Mucho echo here. Add some more acting as well. Shucks, my kids (are kind of crazy, they play around mess up the house, but I love ’em, and what to make sure they’re getting the best. And the best thing to give them is peanut butter.) all they care about is peanut butter …… ( well, if they do, I’ll give them the best).
Keep at it, and wish you success !