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(note after upload: I mistakenly uploaded one version twice, so the two different reads are file 2 and file 3)

Hello everyone,
I am attaching two different read styles of the same text. It’s about a device called Woojer – it’s the size of a hockey puck, and you wear it on your chest with straps and attach it to a music playing device (phone, MP3, etc). It takes the deep base and vibrates in rhythm with the music. Here is the text:

Ok, so how does it work?

Well, imagine you’re in a concert, standing right in front of the speakers.

That oomph you feel in your body? That’s what Woojer feels like.

In more technical terms – Our patented Oscillating Frame accurately reproduces and plays frequencies up to 200Hz including subsonic frequencies.

In less technical terms- everything that up until now you only heard, you can now feel.

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