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This is a unique script from the library, a while back. It was written by Richurd. Thanks for listening any comments most welcome!

Where is the home of your heart?
The machinations of man covets
and squanders our time as though it
were of some significant value.
Our hearts become preoccupied
with issues and perplexities
that never seem to go away.
So debilitating are it’s affects we
long for solace.
The heart longs for a place of respite.
Invariably we are drawn back to the land.
The earths constancy and tranquil
endurance washes over us, cleansing us.
A vast array of landscapes
that all have the same effect.
They take back the space that is stolen by man
and fills your heart with a calm and pleasant reward.
You can travel the world of man with your heart
but it is the land that you will come home to.
This grand earth in all it’s splendor,
is the place we call home.
Our fondest memories are
bound up in the land on which we stand.
Memories of times that are now lost to
the machinations of man.
A new generation can never know
nor recover all that has been lost
and that is now preserved only in our memory.
A day will come that is not so far away
when even that treasure trove will fade and disappear.
Yet from this land we can draw strength that all will not be lost.
For within it’s soil are the seeds of renewal.
Therein lies the hope that mellows our souls,
the hope that all that man has wrought
the earth will erase.
The earth will once again be a place
we can call home.

Written and contributed by Richurd
Music Bed : Susan Boyle – Mull of Kintyre – Windsor 2012

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