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Hello good people! Here is a recording for any and all feedback. Working on sounding conversational, energized and appropriate for the topic of Tae Bo, which I used to do and love! Let me know what you think. Thank you!


Tae Bo
Energizing, explosive, powerful, uplifting…That’s how superstar athletes, Hollywood celebrities and thousands of people just like you describe TAE BO, “the hottest workout in America”. Personally developed by 7-time World Martial Arts Champion Billy Blanks, TAE BO blends your own hidden strength with the ancient arts of self-defense, dance, and boxing combined with today’s greatest music. TAE BO is unlike any workout program you’ve ever tried before! Order now and you’ll receive 2 videos–an instructional video in which Billy Blanks clearly and simply teaches you the fundamental movements, and a second video in which Billy Blanks leads you through the TAE BO basics.

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