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I’m still in the learning process myself but personally I really like the tone you’ve chosen for these two scripts. They feel candid enough to not feel fake but presented in a way that feels proper for the promotion you’re bringing.

My two points of feedback if I may.

1) There’s a good amount of “Mouth noises”, particularly in the first one. I have literally just gone through so much annoyance with fixing that myself so my ears kind of just focused on finding that now lol. Hydrating and eating a green apple before I recorded solved it for me so maybe give that a shot.

2) There were a lot of breaths in the audio. Completely understandable since these were one take recordings. Just a silencing between the lines and at the end of the track would (I think) improve the overall quality of them

Again, I am just still being coached and learning myself so don’t take my feedback too far but these would be the things I’d be finding in my homework recordings. So giving feedback is also helping me learn.

Otherwise, like I said earlier, your tone and volume to me are great an the read themselves were also. Hope I helped!