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Hey Everyone! I’m back at it again with some more VO HW, working towards my first commercial demo! If anyone has any comments and suggestions I would greatly appreciate! And tips and tricks too would be awesome! Hope everyone out there is staying safe!!

Motel 6 Do-Over

I’ve just been hearing about this trendy new hairstyle called a man bun. I mean what’s next the hee hive? Well Motel 6 recently got a new updo of sorts too with renovations nationwide and even with our fresh modern look you’ll still find rooms at the lowest price of any national chain so you can save up enough money to get yourself a haircut or maybe a hat.
We’ll leave the light on for you, at Motel6

American Cancer Society

It’s tough to quit smoking. Just ask any of the 50 million Americans who continue to puff away, even though they know the toll it takes on health and longevity. When it comes to breaking this lethal habit, the most effective tool is willpower. The American Cancer Society now offers a free video for those smokers who feel they can’t quit alone. Call the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY today, at 1-800-123-4567

Wall Street Journal

Between my breakfast and the Wall Street Journal, I get all my daily requirements. To start my day, I need a good balanced breakfast. But, to start my business day, I need my copy of the Wall Street Journal. The Journal gives me all the business information and background I need. So, every morning I read the Wall Street Journal. That way, when I get my daily business information, I’m sure to get a full serving!

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