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Hi, John. Some nice reads here. Words are clear. For the most part, you avoided unnecessary pauses. The energy in your read is great for the PSA. You had a similar energy or tone for Aspen and Ambient, which, in my opinion, calls for a calmer energy. Aspen feels like it calls for an easy, relaxed, dreamy, leave your troubles at the door and relax tone. If you haven’t, find a person you’re talking to. What do you want them to feel? Where are you while saying this. Paint the picture for them. The line “This mountain, as captivating…” has unique punctuation. It’s kind of like “This mountain (man-oh-man) as captivating…

For Ambien, this may be just my interpretation, but an ad that promotes sleep should sound calming and relaxing. There’s an interesting arc to the city you can play with more. 1) this is nice. 2) this is nice. 3) and this is nice. 4) this is bad, 5) but this will make it good.

If you are also looking for feedback on sound quality, the audio has a lot of echo. You’ll have to treat your recording space. Are you working with anyone to help with that?

Thanks for sharing, John.