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This was taken from the script of a movie about Columbus. Trying or practicing narration to go along with a storyboard! Any thoughts are welcome. Oh and this is the first part thats why it ends so abruptly, Thanks.

All sit beside her. TREASURER SANCHEZ takes a document
and starts to read aloud.

On screen the words: GRANADA – SPAIN – 1500

Your Majesty would wish to know the true facts concerning the island of
Hispanola, our first settlement in the New World, and the activities
there of your servant, Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea,
Governor of that Island. You will remember with what hopes and promises
he beguiled us — the truth is that he now presides over a state
of chaos, degradation and madness beyond imagining.

SANCHEZ punctuates each word carefully.

From the beginning, Columbus proved himself incapable of managing the
affairs of the island. He appointed his brothers to important positions,
at once injuring the pride and dignity of the nobles who had gone
with him. He promised to build a city, the City of Isabel, named
after Your Majesty. What he actually built was nothing but a
collection of huts, and that in the wrong place, for all of it was
easily swept away by rain and mud. Is that not so, Brother Buyl?

The PRIEST nods.

Yes, Your Honor.

He promised gold. Not finding the
easy quantities he promised,
Columbus commanded each Indian to
pay an annual tribute. Most being
unable to, they were barbarously
punished, against the express wish
of Your Christian Majesties…

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