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Tiffany DesrosiersTiffany Desrosiers

Good morning everyone! So, part of my homework assignment was to upload two commercial script reads. As you’ll see below, I did one commercial and one interactive kid’s game. I wanted to test out my versatility and so I’m looking forward to your feedback! Thank you in advance for taking the time to listen to my reads and providing your thoughts.

For my first practice read, I chose The Travelers Insurance Company (television Commercial).
We all share the same same goals in business and in life. Security… protection… trust. What every man, woman, and child seeks from birth. What we at The Travelers have been dedicated to providing for 130 years. A difference backed by over $100 billion in assets, and the knowledge that every customer under America’s umbrella is our most important one. The Travelers Insurance Company.

For my second practice read, I chose Pixels (interactive computer game).
1. Which on of these things start with the letter “B”? A pencil… a car… a ball… or an apple? Touch your answer on the screen and hit “Enter”
– Hey you got it! You could hear the “buh” sound in the word “ball”.
– I’m sorry, that is not correct. Try again.

2. Hey, somebody ripped up this picture. Can you figure out what it was? Was it a horse, a cat, a pig or a dog?
– Good going! It was a dog. You have sharp eyes.
– Oops, that is not right, Try again.

3. All of these things are neat to eat, but three of them aren’t a treat for your teeth. Which thing is good for you and your teeth?
– That’s right! The carrot is very good for you.
– That is not the right answer. Try again

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