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Hello, everyone! Two quick reads to test out my newly-padded hall closet/sound booth. Certainly welcome any and all performance feedback, but mainly looking for thoughts on recording quality (I’m hoping I’ve managed to shed the “room buzz” and “recording in a tin can” quality I was getting in earlier records). As always, my thanks for taking the time to listen!

Who do you trust to handle your investments? The brokers? The pundants? Your sister’s neighbor’s boyfriend? When it comes to investing, there’s one person you should trust above all others–yourself. It’s time for E*TRADE.

Your “everywhere” can be your wildest dreams, or rise from the battle within. A challenge to push yourself further. Your “everywhere” can be anywhere. It’s not a place on any map, it’s a place you reach in life. Visa. Everywhere you want to be.

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