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Robert Broussard

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Justin Boots (Pecos Red)
Hi, I’m Pecos Red, for Justin Boots. Ever heard the term: “All Hat and no cattle”? That’s the problem with a lot of boots – I know. Sounds weird; but the thing of it is that most boots don’t do the same things your feet do, like expand – and – contract when you take a step.
Most boots are rigid, which is why your “dawgs commence to barkin’” and get all swole up, from yer boot-heels
a wanderin’….
At Justin Boots, our technology is a simple i.d. (idea) that comes right out of the way your foot works.
It’s how we build ever’ boot we make.
So’s it expands – and flexes the way your foot does when it’s out riding the range, or just boot-scootin’ out at Billy Bob’s.
For Justin Boots, I’m Pecos Red, remindin’ ya:
Justin Boots Quality – It’s a DANG good thing.
– And, never kick a cow chip on a hot day!

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