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Hey you are welcome Rogue! Sweetwater have really helped me out, their customer service is great. It is weird that your living room sound is better than a hall closet, but they were telling me that sometimes if it is a tiny closet with lots of clothes and things, but not much room to soundproof, it can deaden the sound too much. Sounds counterintuitive but I tried in one of my closets too and it sounded too flat. Also through Sweetwater you can send in the floor plan of your room if you draw it in Homestyler (free software, pretty quick to learn, just measure up your room first) and they will draw up a plan of what you need with all the specific sound panels, type, placement,etc. I started with that for my home studio / day office room, then did my closet, then ended up with a small PIB, the Isovox 2. So far so good! It would be good for Zoom calls actually, however, there is no camera in the one I am using, so if a camera is important for your Zoom, might be tricky unless you are using a phone for your video, then yes that would work. Good luck and let me know what you find out!