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You started out with great energy and ended with it too! but the middle sagged a bit imo. eg; ‘new’ ‘classic’ ‘chicken sandwhich’ all need a small pepper of variety from each other. Or like “100% white meat chicken with barbecue honey mustard sauce” every one of those words, should be spoken to evoke a distinct flavor. like, the mentality is that you’re not just excited that it’s a sandwich, but it’s THE sandwich with the BEST sauces! or to put it another way, every detail that you add should be more astonishing than the one before. Your enthusiasm for this VERY specific sandwich (that you can only get at 7-11 for $2) needs to be contagious (pardon the phrasing).

“Can I have a bite?” I really liked the way you read it. good work.

Also, overall, mind the plosives. You might be a little too close to the mic.