Reply To: Home Studio Troubleshooting


I am having the most difficult time setting and connecting all of my devices and software. I took recommendations for interface and mic from our Home Studio session as well as one of the Home Studio instructors. We even had a private session and he told me I got the wrong mic. Finally got the right one, but since my headphones don’t plug into the interface, they’re plugged into my Mac and I cannot hear anything. I have been trying to set this equipment up for months. How anyone does it on their own is beyond me. Has anyone else felt dumbfounded by how difficult the set up is? I have had to replace a mic and now I’m being told to replace my headphones that I’ve already spent so much money on.Any feedback or support will be helpful. I’m working with a MacBook Air, the Steinberg Interface with Cubase AI software, and a Sennheiser mk4 mic.