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Hey Rich! Really like your vocal quality. Very nice read. My comments may be more for me, than you, as I train my ears to hear things. 🙂 I especially like the opening “If you lived before our time,” which is immediately engaging. I notice a slight change in tonal quality right after the comma, which would be appropriate, however the voice sounds different somehow – a little less full perhaps – maybe because of the rise in pitch, which threw me off a little. Very minor, though. Not sure if you hear what I mean. I think there could be slightly longer pauses between the 4 questions on the 4th to last line. I am imagining changing visuals while the listener contemplates each question. Finally, I like what you do with “Where the past.. comes alive”, however I think “Where the past” is a little too fast. Thanks for allowing me to comment. I’m wondering if you can please comment on how or from where you pick the music pieces for background. Thanks. I like it! I look forward to hearing more of your work.