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What I liked about the Spotify read was that you really went with a non-hard sell approach…It had some genius moments of really not trying overly hard, which is, “a Gen Z or Millennial read”. It doesn’t work for everything, by all means, but if it’s your natural voice and character, it comes off as sincerely “I’m not selling this to you…it’s just obviously the best thing out there.” That being said, I think ending tagline, and some choice phrases could use a bit more “This is some cool sh*t” vibe.
Crayola is probably harder for your voice type to sell. 99% of the time, this script would go to a mom-sounding woman. But things are always changing in marketing, and obviously dads take care of kids and house-cleaning too. How would you read it differently if you were talking to a fellow dad, or if you were talking to a small group of elementary school teachers? I love that you’re exploring all the avenues your voice can go in. Keep up the good work–your voice is selling to a key demographic these days!