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Hi there! I’m working with Edge to put together my voiceover demo and would love some feedback on this copy as a potential demo option. We’re going for “young professional” to provide some contrast to my other copy, which is a bit more youthful, fun, and girly. I want to make sure I’m communicating the professionalism without losing the youthful edge and I’m especially working on making sure my read sounds like I’m talking to another person and not just reading. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! I am looking for performance feedback only. Thanks all!

Here’s the copy:
“I used to run low on cash right before payday and not be able to do anything, but now that I’m banking with Chime, I get paid up to two days early with direct deposit. Plus, Chime helps me grow my savings automatically and, unlike the place I used to bank, Chime doesn’t charge me a bunch of crazy fees. I’d be crazy to go back.”

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