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Could use some feedback on this audition.
Client brief: strong, warm inviting, real, authentic, anthemic sounding. (Was asked to attempt to “match the read and performance…as much as possible” in this sample video:
We will always face challenges. The only constant we face is change

This is the nature of the world around us.

But nothing replaces the need for safety and security,

and a proven solution to your needs is what we strive for.

We bring clarity,

We bring safety,

We bring focus.

Our reliable and secure camera technologies and innovations lead the industry in safeguarding you, your businesses, and your assets.

Pelco provides solutions to every situation, because challenges will continue to change.

It is the nature of our world.

But property is valuable.

Safety is important.

And life is too precious to trust to anyone else.

Put your business in focus.

More Powerful, More Pelco

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