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Bill Anciaux

Hi, Katelyn. The main difference I noticed was a bit more smile in the second version. You wouldn’t need to sustain that for the entire cookbook, really. It’s a great attention-getting tone for the introduction of a new chapter, section, or recipe though. One way to come up with two different reads is to change the emphasis from one key word to a different one. For example, in the first line, you emphasized “intimidating” in both reads. You could keep this emphasis in one read but in the other place the emphasis on “seems.” By emphasizing “seems,” you convey a different meaning: it’s not really intimidating; it only seems to be. You can alter the emphasis in a few other places as well and your second read will be quite different. After all, how can we be completely sure where the emphasis should always fall, unless the script writer underlines such words? More importantly, you want to show that you can, with just a few subtle changes, deliver options to the producer. Perhaps one of you reads, though not what they originally imagined, will be the one they want! Good luck. Bill A.