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John Trape

Hello Everyone,

I have two narration scripts for which I would very much appreciate any feedback.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a genius, and one of the greatest physicists of all time. His famous Theories of Relativity, which describe the relationship between mass and energy, and between space and time, were published in 1905 and 1916. Einstein was born of Jewish parents in Ulm, Germany. He spent many years in Switzerland, becoming a Swiss citizen in 1901, and gaining his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1905 from Zurich University. It was while employed as a patent clerk in Berne that he published his first Theory of Relativity. This contained his famous equation: E=mc2, which explains the relationship between mass and energy.

30-Second Financial Sales Training Video Voice Over Script Sample

Okay, now we need to dive into what it looks like to start our ‘slow-trickle’ of products to the potential client.

Once that trust is formed, then we can start a slow passing along of custom reports, data and recommendations that are tailored to the potential client, always ensuring they’re being educated and equipped with new info along the way.

We want to give the savvy entrepreneurs that are looking to bank with us so much insight, that they can’t see how they’d take on this venture without us.

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