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Hello again! I’d appreciate some feedback on this paragliding script.

“Working towards your first pilot rating will be an exciting (and memorable) part of your journey into free flight. Everything is new and even the smallest flights will be immense accomplishments. If you’re listening to this, you’ve probably dreamed the dream and are ready to get started.

After choosing an instructor/school you would like to learn from, talk with your instructor to see when is the best time and day to begin your adventures into free-flight. The most important items you’ll need to bring are sturdy ankle supporting boots that you can also run in, and water. Whether you choose to fly a hang glider or a paraglider you’ll begin with learning vocabulary important for the training and flying process. This new vocabulary will help you and your instructor over the coming weeks, months, and years. Your first days, depending on weather, are usually focused on ground handling the glider.”

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