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Hi Jensen!
Read 1: Very lovely inviting tone for this kind of corporate commercial, it suits your voice very nicely. You are adding in a lot of pauses that are cutting up the sentences for instance: “We stand for ideas of all shapes (pause) and businesses of all sizes.” So you really want to smooth out those parts.

Read 2: I can hear the smile in your voice and its really nice in this read. Again, I would love to hear a take where you only pause where the periods are. Would you pause half-way through a sentence when you’re chatting with your friend about something? In normal conversations, we don’t pause like that. I had to have this beat into me by my coaches haha! Just so you know for reference again you paused here: “Defy expectations any day (pause) with Always Infinity,”

Great audio quality as well. The volume is quite low. Industry-standard for auditions is to normalize it to -3db so you may want to practice that when you upload to the feedback forum.

Great work! I look forward to hearing more from you!