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Eunice LaLanne

Hello, hello! I’m trying out these scripts geared towards kids. I’d appreciate every and all feedback especially on my tempo/pacing, hitting key words, and sounding interesting/engaging. P.S. I recorded these on my iPhone, so please excuse my poor sound quality. Thank you! Scripts are below:

Type to Learn Jr
Welcome to Type to Learn Jr! Click on Shelby and me to go to the Learning Center. To practice your keyboarding skills, click on Cassie, Hopkins, or Tiny. To return to the Login Screen, click Login. When you are ready to leave the program, click Quit. You can return to this screen at any time to change activities. Have Fun!

Children’s Education Space Game
Today we’re going to explore all of the planets in our solar system and some other places as well. We’ll travel into the future when astronauts live throughout the solar system. On each world we’ll see what the weather is like, what we would wear, and what we would do to have fun! Grab your oxygen, put on your seatbelt, and let’s blast off!

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