Reply To: Home Studio Troubleshooting


My question is for my people just starting out with the humble beginnings of a studio. I need some advice (and honestly some encouragement) around getting audition-worth worthy recordings in less-than-ideal scenarios. I made an insulated box built around my condenser mic since I don’t have a workable closet. I’m still getting quite a bit of background noise and dealing with cars and planes and whatnot living in a suburban area. I also live with three family members and finding a good workflow is so frustrating sometimes while all of us are stuck at home. There’s so much noise! I have been using Izotope RX7 in order to help with the noise control. I’m just feeling pretty discouraged about being able to begin landing jobs so I can invest in a better space and equipment and actually be able to compete with the vo artists that have the “perfect room” and such and can turnaround auditions quick. (i.e.- being able to move out lol). I lost my job due to covid and have been at ground zero trying to build this business since July. What solutions have you found if you’re in a situation like mine?

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