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Hello! This is a read for practice, I’m just starting in VO training. Any and all input is appreciated. Thank you for listening as well as your constructive feedback!

What Monet found in Venice, according to Mirbeau, was a chance to renew himself by tackling the preconceived images of Venice. He no longer hoped to conquer the light, only to “glide” on the surface of the canvas, in the same way that light glides over things or in the same way that “the most intelligent dancer translates a feeling.” Monet’s Venise was celebrated, almost unanimously, as one of the great feats in the history of painting. Up to that point, Monet had never been so unreservedly lauded. The irony is that soon after World War I these much praised Venetian images fell into oblivion, no longer eliciting the sort of praise they had obtained when first exhibited.

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