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Hi Brian, good reads for all! I think the pacing was good for all, and I did not notice any conjunctions being hit hard at all. I was also trying to imagine who your audience was for all 3. I struggle with having a specific listener myself. Also, since you naturally speak quickly, have you tried a car commercial? Those seem to put a lot of information in a short time slot – as long as you can speak very clearly (like I am hearing here) I think it would be a good fit for you too.

Script 1: I liked the tone of this, like you were telling a friend about why they should use the product. Very authentic feel.

Script 2: I think this one was the one that outside your comfort zone (right?), but you did well varying your tone to be much softer to reflect the product. My guess is your were telling your wife / girlfriend about the product?

Script 3: I like this one the best for you of these 3 – it is spoken with a quick pace but is very clear and appropriate for Spotify. The last time Spotify is mentioned I think could be emphasized a little more, it gets really quiet on that word. This one feels targeted to a friend or nephew / younger relative, again, very authentic feel. I hope that helps – good job!