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Hi there! Your audio quality is great. Your voice has a nice authoritative quality and could fit nicely for a how to read like this. Overall I felt this read was lacking energy and enthusiasm for the topic. You sounded pretty bored. Throughout you were speaking with a down pitch at the end of sentences and pauses which can make it sound as though one is not very interested or interacting positively with the subject matter. (I do this too). It helps to have someone in mind who you are talking to. Perhaps you have a daughter or niece who is learning how to paint with watercolors. You can imagine a scenario where you are teaching someone you love how to paint with watercolors. What is the scenerio? How do you feel about this subject matter? Find something with this copy that allows you to engage with it emotionally. And if you can remember to smile while you are talking it will help you to sound a bit warmer and more enthusiastic about this copy. Hope this helps! 🙂