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Hello and Happy almost New Year, good people! Here are three narration scripts with different tones I am trying out. I really appreciate the time and feedback.

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Animal Heroes
Not all heroes are human. Sometimes heroes bark, meow, or even grunt. They may be covered with fur, have curly tails, or live in an alley. We’re about to meet some real-life animal heroes. Each one of these heroes has performed an amazing rescue. Sometimes they even put themselves in danger to help others. We’ll meet a dog who rescues stray cats. A brave cat who saved her five kittens from a fire. A pig who got help for her owner who was having a heart attack. And a guide dog who led his owner down 71 flights of stairs when the World Trade Center was attacked.

Crime Drama Narration
Some crimes committed are so undeniably gruesome that they defy logic and have people asking questions, forever more. The case of Katherine Knight did just that. A woman who not only murdered in cold blood but, then, went on to commit the most despicable act after the brutal slaying.

Company Website Greeting
Meet Bob. Like 95% of car shoppers, he uses his computer, smartphone and tablet to shop for his next car. A few years ago, you could have reached Bob through traditional means such as Direct mail, TV or radio, and newspaper ads. Today, that simply isn’t enough.
According to Google – consumers visit 18 websites on average – before stepping into a dealership.

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