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Hi Mary! I also feel like the enthusiasm is not there. I’ve yet to hear something from your posts that I feel like “mary is totally into this thing”. I’m wondering just what you are passionate about in life, what gets you excited? Maybe start from there. What do you naturally get pumped about when you’re talking to friends and family? If you are passionate about baking for instance, is there a brand you LOVE and would you talk to your friends about this AMAZING new mixer you got? Or if you are into gardening what makes you the most excited about gardening? When you find an awesome solution in life do you excitedly tell people about it? I think you are not connecting with the copy which is really the crux of voice-over. If you are not genuinely connecting to the copy I don’t think the read will be a good one. Sorry if this is harsh! You’re such a sweet lady. Perhaps if you are a less enthusiastic person and don’t really get “excited” or passionate about things (my husband is kind of that way…) maybe commercial isn’t the best niche for you because you do have to genuinely have a positive point of view about the product. I do know a coach would be able to really nail down where your voice is best suited, or help you learn to connect to the copy. I know I’m throwing a lot out there.