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Hey everyone!
Trying to record my first (commercial) demo without a VO coach! (pandemic, am I right?) So be as critical as you please. I’m going to do more stuff with edge soon, but for right now this is my first shot at it.



*You love coffee. You do! It’s the first thing in the morning that makes you say Ahh!!! David’s – fresh campfire roast – coming soon.

*Oh deary me no, no that wont work at all. My sweet cheeks deserve the 4 ply strength only charmin can provide. When nature calls, I call the front desk, and ask for Charmin.

*I was so out of luck, I felt like I was checking the Amish section of, but when I switched Westbank united, things looked … hopeful. Now when I check my savings account I don’t have to worry.

*A: “It’s taco night!~~”
B: “Yesyesyesyesyes, I love taco night!”
A: “We won’t tell your dad we’re using Hank’s vegan chili again”
B: “I can’t wait, are you going to start cooking now?”
A: “soon enough”
B: “It’s so good. It makes me say muuuuy deliscioso…ahem

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