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Hi there! I’ve been busy writing different scripts for practicing narration with my coach. Here are 3 reads and I want you to be very honest if my voice does NOT fit a certain style. I’m aware I won’t be doing national geographic because I have a young sound (even though I freaking LOVE DOCUMENTARIES lol) I’m trying to find options where I could fit in documentaries – like female health, or documentaries targeted toward a more female / younger audience. I also love travel and I’m Canadian so I included a read for Banff which I love, and I’m trying for a celebrity biography as well. If you could let me know your thoughts based on what my voice fits that would be great, I really appreciate it, thank you!

Banff – Travelogue
Banff is a stunningly beautiful town high up in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. Situated within Banff National Park you can enjoy being surrounded by pristine Canadian wilderness including alpine peaks and snow covered forests.

S****l Health Documentary
Hormonal birth control’s main cheat is altering the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body so it thinks you’re already pregnant. So no new eggs are released, the c****x stays plugged up and the uterine lining remains thin.

Celebrity Biography:
Julia Roberts; the star with the megawatt smile has been wowing fans for the past three decades. Eventually winning an Oscar for her role in Erin Brockovich, It’s Julia’s on-screen talent in over 40 films that has earned her a place in the Hollywood pantheon.

Edit: LOL with the words we are not allowed to say

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