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I’m new to the VO world and looking for some feedback on a few practice scripts as part of my homework. Please be brutally honest as it will only engage me to get better. Thanks Much, Evette!
The real enjoyment of visiting France does not come from an appreciation of its art or architecture, but from the enjoyment of the natural beauty of its people. The spirit of France is evident in every city and in every town. The French have a knack for enjoying life to the fullest, and you can sense it everywhere! Strolling down the Champs Elysee on any evening transforms one instantly into a sublimely romantic setting, complete with laughter, romance, the distant sounds of clattering dishes, and the wonderful aroma of freshly baked French breads.

Ivory 3
Inside of me lives a little girl who was fierce and bold and completely free. Now I’m the one people depend on. But that little girl…I know she’s still there, because I’ll always be an Ivory girl. That’s Ivory. Still 99.44% pure. Pure clean. Pure beautiful. Pure me. … Forever fresh…classic Ivory clean.

Oil Of Olay 3
This bar is all about your face – making it soft, smooth.. never dry like soap can. Even if you like the beauty bar with ¼ moisturizing cream, when you try this bar you might just do an about face. Oil of Olay the brand more dermatologists recommend and more women trust for beautiful skin.

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