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Hi Damien, nice work with this piece. I thoroughly enjoy learning about WW2 so this read is a treat. I could imagine a little animation going on with this so great job connecting to the copy! I think the list ” Crossword fanatics, chess champions, mathematicians, students and professors, Americans and British” is challenging. Long lists like this are SO HARD, but I think taking it a tad bit slower and using tone, inflection and pitch to vary it a little more so people can comprehend what you are saying would be helpful. I think I mentioned I could hear your noise gate from a previous comment, and I think it is still at a setting that is too intense and obvious – specifically at “If Enigma could be penetrated, (breath fluttering) everything H****r” I could hear it cut in and out. You will need to work on sound treating your space more instead of relying on the noise gate. Try uploading a few reads without the noise gate at all I would be curious to hear it. Just my 2 cents. Nice work though I really enjoyed this read and I think your voice fits very well with this genre.

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