Reply To: Share Your VO Accomplishments

Christie Crossley

Hi Guys!

I narrated a student documentary last year, Winter of 2019. This year the film maker has been submitting the film to various film festivals and has been officially selected for many festivals (which they can’t get into if they’re not up to par). I thought how wonderful for him and I’ve been following, cheering him on this year.

The last film festival our collaboration was in also selected my voice over for recognition. I’m so Thrilled!!!
The film is called “Treasures of the Chesapeake” by Christopher Lapinski.
The festival is Nature Without Borders International Film Festival and the results just came out Nov 27th, 2020.
Officially they awarded Outstanding Excellence for both cinematography and voice over talent.

There are more festivals for this film maker in the coming months and I’m so thrilled to see what he’s done with the project.

This just goes to show that our work behind the scenes does matter! While the recognition wasn’t immediate, I still feel like our collaboration matters. I’d definitely recommend following your clients, from a reasonable distance, and applaud their successes for your work together. It feels so rewarding.

Keep at it VO family. So proud of all the accomplishments here, big and small!!!

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