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Hello everyone! Here is a script for your feedback, any and all feedback is welcome. It’s recorded on my phone, and this is just for practice. I’m going for a natural delivery while still emphasizing the appropriate words. Thank you!


Reusable Tote: Handy Haulin’ Is in the Bag

Save the world one angry b****r at a time! This handy bag cuts the waste of plastic and paper so you can say goodbye to guilt and get going! The Reusable Tote packs into its own inside pocket and scales down to the size of a small wallet for easy storage. Keep it in your car, handbag or tool belt so you’ll always be prepared for a last-minute errand. Sturdy ripstop polyester will hold multiple plastic bags worth of groceries, so you can make fewer trips back and forth from the car. Conquer errands with the sack that will save you some sweat – only from Duluth Trading.

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