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Hello all! Looking for any and all feedback on this script, which was from the Duluth Trading Christmas catalog. This is on my phone, so please know that I will be upgrading to a mic soon. Thank you all!


Better Sweaters – Duluth
Now you can have another great reason to turn down the thermostat. Sweaters with swagger – only from Duluth. If you need to stay warm and comfortable, put one on. Give ‘em as gifts, too. We’re talking burly retirement sweaters that feel so good, you’ll feel like you retired. Or thick Shetland wool sweaters with a hardworking, high seas heritage. Innovative Coolerino and rocket science sweaters, strongarm cotton sweaters and unbelievably hefty and soft Woolpaca. You can get one just as resilient and cozy as Santa wears – in your pick of classic or military styles – only from Duluth Trading.

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