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OK, so I struggle with clicks as well, and most of the time, it’s due to a lack of hydration. Munching on some green apple slices can help, too, the acid will help break up the stuff in your mouth that can cause some of the noise.

With pronunciation, the letter “a” should be short, as in “ah”, not “eh” like Canadians say. By doing that, it may help with the pronunciations of the following words (like corset). Same thing with “obscenity”, it should be a short “e”, like “ob-sen-ity”, rather than “ob-seen-ity”.

Something that helped me, as a suggestion from one of my coaches, James Andrews, was to cross out the words “to” and “for” and write in the numbers “2” and “4”. It helped me slow down a bit and give the words some more enunciation.

The sound quality itself sounded fine to me…just a touch of room noise, like a fan from a computer or something, but nothing a little light noise reduction in post couldn’t cure.

Just know: we all struggle. Knowing that you’re struggling, and knowing that you aren’t getting it right, is a sign that you have the skills and knowledge to do it. This is a good thing. Keep at it!