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Hey everyone! I’m trying to work on enunciating words completely but please feel free to leave your thoughts on anything and everything! I really appreciate it!

Script 1: Would you like to buy a house?
Maybe it’s your first house, or even your 2nd and you just think that MAYBE you didn’t think hard enough about the last one.
Listen, I love Real Estate. And in most cases, even a bad deal can work to your advantage in the very long run.
But there are dumb things that people do without realizing it when they buy a house.
Humor me for a short story before we get into the meat of this video.

Script 2: Welcome to Advantage Technology Incorporated and to the excitement and challenges of a growing business. As a new employee, your job is important to us. Your success is an important factor in the success of this company. This software is designed to offer you accurate information about company policies and procedures, benefit packages, performance reviews, training, and education opportunities.

Script 3: One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Italy represents a stunning combination of history, architecture, natural beauty, and culinary excellence. There are just a few places in the world that boast such a wide range of different landscapes, traditions, and cultural riches.

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