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Why Are You Still Waiting To Explore Voice Over?

Edge Studio

People who fail to investigate a career opportunity often lose out on a lot of self-satisfaction. That can be even more costly than not making the money the opportunity might offer.

If you’re still waiting to investigate voice over, why? You’ll never know the opportunities if you don’t look into it. And if you carry that burden too long, you’ll kick yourself when you finally do determine – maybe years from now? – that a voice over career has been (or not been) in the cards for you all along.

So, here are some reasons why people procrastinate, and ways to get beyond these excuses. Rather than having you kick yourself later, hopefully our little kick-in-the-b**t will propel you into a wonderful new career!

I’m not sure I’m right for it.

  • Most people, even trained actors, aren’t great voice over artists right out of the box. (Or rather, right into the booth.) The profession requires a marketable voice, training, knowledge of the industry, and more. But let’s start with the question of your voice. Do you have it? Find out. Save yourself the anguish of wondering. Learn more.

I’m shy, nervous about performing.

  • Surprise! Even among actors, nerves are not unusual. Working with a good coach can help you get past it. And surprise again: In voice over, most work is done solo – just you and the mic! Learn more.

I can’t pursue a program because I’m always away.

  • Many of our students successfully train over the phone and/or Skype and/or webinar. They are able to participate in coaching sessions and classes from anywhere. This includes taking our Investigate Voice Over class as a webinar. That’s the great thing about voice over, the instructor doesn’t need to see you, just hear you! Learn more.

I don’t have time now.

  • Do you have an afternoon to try it out? Because there’s no sense in pursuing a voice over career if you’re not a good match for it in the first place. It takes only a few hours to determine your potential, one way or the other, and you’ll stop wasting your time wondering. Learn more.

I can’t fit the Investigate Voice Over class into my schedule.

  • To evaluate your potential, you can always fit in a private session with one of our instructors (which we offer as an alternative to our Investigate Voice Over class). We’ll schedule you at a convenient time convenient for you. You’ll work with a qualified voice-over industry professional who has general comprehension of the entire industry. Someone you can trust to have the required knowledge, judgment and sincerity. Learn more.

I don’t want to change careers at this time.

  • It’s great that you’re thinking of voice over in terms of “career,” because it can be that. But you don’t have to do it full-time. And whether full-time or part-time, lots of voice over artists do it from home. Learn more.

I’m not ready to commit.

  • Many people feel that way, and the real reason is their lack of knowledge. First, just check out your potential. You’ll probably be surprised at how your enthusiasm will grow. Learn more.

Voice over training won’t fit my budget.

  • You haven’t even looked into it, remember? First things first. If you then proceed with training, Edge Studio has ways to pursue it economically. As with any business, some investment is unavoidable. But this costs far less than a college degree or opening a retail store, and we’ll help keep you from wasting your budget. Learn more.

A voice over evaluation doesn’t fit my budget.

  • What is the cost of not knowing? The sooner you start training, the sooner you start working, the sooner you start making money. (And if you proceed with training at Edge, our Investigate Voice Over Class pays for itself.) Or, if voice over turns out not to be for you, the sooner you can focus on another endeavor — maybe even one related to the voice over industry. Learn more.

I don’t want a group class – I prefer a personalized solo evaluation.

  • Requests for private evaluations are also welcome. You can choose to work with any of our instructors. That said, there are a LOT of good reasons to participate in a group introduction. And it’s not just about saving money. Learn more.

I’m a comparison shopper. How do I know I’m getting my money’s worth?

  • Assuming your “money’s worth” means getting a truthful evaluation, then you’ll be pleased (and maybe surprised!) to learn that we turn approximately 50% of people away from recording a demo. Why do we do that? Because we are honest. We don’t tell people they are marketable when they aren’t. It’s that honesty that has made the Edge Studio Investigate Voice Over class the benchmark in the industry. Learn more.

I would be embarrassed to find that I can’t do it.

  • Of the people who take our 4-hour Investigate Voice Over class, half of them do not demonstrate sufficient voice over potential. As part of our Investigate Voice Over class, we tell them – privately and politely, but honestly – that they should not proceed. We even have testimonials from people we discouraged from proceeding. And they’re proud to give them. On the other hand, think positive. Half do have the requisite potential to earn back the cost of training and marketing themselves, to go on to a rewarding career. Learn more.

I’ve heard I’ll need a home studio.

  • Not necessarily. Having a studio at home will enable you to pursue certain opportunities. Yet, some types of clients and voice over genres often require you to use a nearby recording studio or go to your clients’ chosen studio. Regardless, it still makes sense to investigate your potential first. Learn more.

I’m looking for a coach who specializes in the kind of voice over I want to do.

  • Two things:
    • 1. Don’t decide prematurely. Before you choose a specialty, we strongly encourage you to have a trained industry pro help you find the intersection of your voice, interests, and goals. Only then can you decide what specialty is best for you, with the income potential you seek … as well as which coach can help you become most successful.
    • 2. No one coach can know everything, let alone have work experience in every genre. A robust school environment offers the advantage of a full range of coaches and expertise. Learn more.

I’m already an actor, a radio personality, have a friend in the VO industry, etc. I can jump into voice over at any time.

  • Some people don’t need a formal orientation and can begin voice over training without it. But we’ve seen too many people think they’re ready when they’re not. That said, if you continue into our training & demo program within a certain amount of time, the cost of the Investigate Voice Over class is credited towards it – so it’s essentially free. Why not jump in now? Learn more.

I’ve had an evaluation by someone else. Why should I take yours?

  • We make it easy to get beyond the intro stage. If you take our Investigate Voice Over class and we greenlight you, and you continue directly into Phase 2 of the Edge Studio program, we can credit the cost of the Investigate Voice Over class toward your study. In other words, this voice over class is effectively free. Learn more.

I want to proceed, but keep forgetting. I’m just one of those people who puts things off.

  • Lots of people are like you. Simply take the first step now, and if you are suited to voice over, we’ll help you set goals, with a schedule and specific agenda. Starting out is always easier when you can see the opportunity and have an appointment to keep. Learn more.

Still not sure? Consider these facts:

  • The voice over field has been expanding for more than two decades, thanks to the explosive growth of digital communications, gaming, online education, Internet marketing and many other fields.
  • The profession encompasses a wide range of some 30 genres, including newer ones such as audiobooks, video games, documentaries, animated productions, and eLearning.
  • Today’s technology allows people to work from home, part-time or full-time

Sounds like an opportunity, doesn’t it?

Investigate Voice Over, today.

No one can live up to their potential if they don’t at least give it an earnest try. Don’t let weeks turn into months, which too quickly turn into years.

Tell you what. Learn more about how easy it is to Investigate Voice Over. Just call us at 888-321-3343, or email us at [email protected], or click for the Investigate Voice Over Class.

Every year, hundreds of people stick their toe in the water this way. Many go on to develop a voice over career. This introductory workshop is available at our studios (in NYC, LA, DC and CT) and also as an online webinar using your computer and telephone.

Click for the Investigate Voice Over Class outline.

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