Using Social Media as a Voice Actor

“I’m on a social media hiatus,” we’ve all had friends say, “I need a break from being on my phone all the time!”

And to that I reply, “Good for you! Taking time for yourself is so important.” 

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, these boundaries have been difficult to draw during what I like to call The Roaring Twenties. The lines are fuzzy for voice actors in the first place–when we work, when do we STOP working? When do we decide that we WON’T respond to an email? At what point do we come to the end of the day and realize that our comments on Instagram can wait for a reply? (For folks really struggling with this, I HIGHLY recommend a strategic freelance workflow session with Tom Dheere). 

With all the labor that we go through on a regular basis, spending time on Twitter and other social media platforms, it can feel like more labor than it’s worth. And it IS exactly that: it’s labor. It’s putting in the effort to put yourself out there, to engage with other people, to have those connections be honest, real, and meaningful. 

What! MEANINGFUL?! Yeah. Honestly. I may not be in an overwhelming majority here, but I strongly believe that the actual power of social media is to use it as a tool to foster connection. To source connect, if you will. (forgive that joke, I’m so sorry). We all have friends whose accounts have turned into actual spam. You know what I’m talking about: the only time your Aunt Geraldine reaches out is to invite you to a Mary Kay product party, or your coworker’s incessant literal ads for his new life-coaching side hustle that just looks downright annoying. But that’s what we’re here to do on these platforms, right? Share stories about ourselves and life updates? Talk about our triumphs? Promote ourselves and brand? 

Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. You can do it without being obnoxious. You can do it and foster actual friendships. You can do it so that people know WHO you are and WHAT you do. This will directly and inherently result in booking more work as an actor, and building your brand, business, and client contacts. I know, because I use social media everyday to promote the work being done at Edge Studio and the successes of our incredible students. 

That’s why, for the first time ever, I am pleased-as-punch to be launching the Social Media for Voice Actors class. I want to break down, one step at a time, how social media can be used as a tool for GOOD, (not evil) to build your brand, your community, your connections in the industry, and yes–your clients. Social media is not the only way for you to market yourself as a voice actor, but it is one of the many important avenues for you to utilize as you continue to grow and expand in the world of voice over. 

In my upcoming class we’ll break down these SIX platforms:

  • Facebook: Your Profile AND Your Fan Page
  • Twitter: A platform to be pithy, witty, and–plot twist!!–kind.
  • Instagram: Your Face and Why People Love It
  • LinkedIn: You Are So Professional and So Friendly, Too!
  • Clubhouse: What IS THIS and Why You Should Open Your Ears
  • TikTok: Okay but REALLY What Is This, and WHO Is it For

Does that feel like a lot? That’s because it is. In 90 minutes, we will crash our way through some in-depth material, full of examples of voice actors who rock each of these social media platforms. I know, because it’s my job to observe them. Nicely. And with sincerity. 

Are you curious? Confused? Actually kind of excited? 

You ought to be–it’s a curious, confusing, and exciting time to be alive. It’s that sense of wonder and curiosity that can keep your digital presence thriving, where your community continues to cheer you on as your clients keep on coming right back. 

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