What Your Website Says About You



Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

In this class, students will explore best practices when creating a successful voice over talent website.

Class Length: One Hour


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As a working voice over talent, you need to have a website that will inspire potential clients to contact you for future jobs. It’s the best way to organically grow your business. In the modern voice over market, this is no longer negotiable; a professional website is a must. But what happens if a potential client does find your website, and it’s only mediocre? Or poorly branded? What if they cast you in a role, and you sound nothing like the demos you have displayed on your website?

This could be a disaster. Just like having a bad demo, a bad website will ultimately do more harm than good. 

So, what can you do to ensure that the website you create to advertise your voice over career is the best representation of you, your voice, and your ability? An effective website is critical to engaging potential voiceover clients. But how do you brand yourself, and reflect that brand on your website? What information should you be including to maximize your website’s effect? Should you list your recording equipment and your home studio setup? Is it a good idea to list past clients, or will that create potential conflicts of interest? Should you include social media buttons, and drive people to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn?

In What Your Website Says About You, these and many more questions will be answered to help set you both your website and your voice over business for success.

In this class, students will learn to:

  • Build a checklist of the “dos and don’ts” of an effective website for the modern voice over industry
  • Prime their website for the 21st Century, and avoid common pitfalls
  • Make sure their branding flows easily through their website, and that it makes sense for your voice over business.


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