What Now?

Monday, January 25 7:00pm-8:00pm EST


Appropriate For: Aspiring Professional

This class is designed to show Edge Studio Training Program graduates what to do with their demos, and the best way to look for work.

Class Length: One Hour


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So now you’ve got your Edge Studio demo! Great! But, what now? In this webinar, we will review & reassess your game plan, and help you start finding work! This class is designed for people who recently recorded their demos, and are about to launch their voice over career!

Edge Studio will give you top-level advice on organizing, implementing, and putting together the pieces of your voice over business.

This is a time to learn, ask, and prepare for a fun career!

In this class, you will learn:

  • Clear next steps for marketing your demo
  • How to present yourself to clients professionally
  • Secrets to creating a list of short term goals
  • The discipline of creating some long term goals for yourself
  • How to develop a mindset for success