Social Media and Branding Consultation



Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

Work remotely with Edge’s Social Media Manager, Siobhán O’Loughlin, for an in-depth review of your online presence and level up your personal branding game to book more work!

Session Length: One hour


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Here at Edge Studio, we are proud of our robust offering of Marketing and Business classes that change every single month on our class schedule. These classes cover the basics of voice over Marketing, from strategy and contacts, to invoicing and gaining long-term clients, to building your voice over business into a profitable career.

One incredibly important aspect of your career that just can’t be covered in group classes is a consult on your personal branding, online presence, and social media strategy.

Whether we like it or not, one major aspect of our marketing game is social media and the communities we make and build online. Maybe you’re completely new to LinkedIn and you haven’t built a profile yet. Perhaps you’ve been on Instagram forever, but you’re not sure how your content is landing.

It can be extremely difficult to figure out the major social platforms by yourself, in addition to managing your own website and auditions. We will take this opportunity to go through your online presence, one platform at a time, and help you level up every single one. We’ll make sure your branding matches the talent you exude, and the sophistication and professionalism that you are worthy of obtaining in your own work.

A Social Media and Branding Consultation with Edge Studio will empower you to take ownership of your brand. In this one-on-one consultation, you will be able to gain specific insight into each of your platforms. We’ll identify your strengths, and help you to grow in the places that need the most work.

In the Social Media and Branding Consultation, we will:

  • Review and take copious notes on your website as well as the big four: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Strategize effective and exciting ways to create content
  • Brainstorm ways to expand your networks on each platform
  • Review and critique photos, fonts, color palettes, logos, and anything else that visually represents you and your brand
  • Create a working list of tools and free resources to help build your online presence.


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