Science of Speaking Like a Pro



Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

Discover how a linguistic approach and a basic knowledge of phonetics can improve your reads and make you sound more like a pro in MINUTES in this webinar, Science of Speaking Like a Pro, back by popular demand.

Class Length: Two Hours


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Growing up, we all learn how to read and write properly in school. But how do we learn to speak? That’s where phonetics, the study of speech sounds, come into play. Back by popular demand, we are thrilled to bring back our Science of Speaking Like a Pro class this January at Edge Studio.

Join speech pathologist and Edge Studio coach James Andrews as he demonstrates how a knowledge of phonetics will help you achieve expert control of articulation, as well as give you a better understanding of the component sounds of the language and how to use them to your advantage. James will spend this two-hour Zoom webinar focusing on speech sounds, and how we use the human mouth to communicate. James will open your eyes and ears to the consonants and vowels of standard American English, as well as explain concepts such as diphthongs, phonemes, punctuation and inflection.

Want to sound like a professional voice actor? Well, you can learn how to elevate your reads to a professional level with just a little practice. In Science of Speaking Like a Pro, James Andrews will provide students with basic techniques to employ in their general speech. Learn how to sound clean and crisp, and have clients understand you loud and clear. Walk away from this class with a new confidence and discover new ways to upgrade your everyday speech, voice over copy, and home studio auditions so you end up booking jobs and become a sought after actor.


The Science of Speaking Like a Pro class will cover:

o   Basic knowledge of phonetics

o   Identifying, controlling and eliminating glottal stops (and when to leave them in!)

o   Common errors & articulation traps

o   Mixing up inflections

o   Understanding the differences between formal and informal articulation

o   Breath control

o   Control of pace

o   Interpreting punctuation


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