Our Work

Audio-branding, Soundtracks, Spoken-word
Edge Studio has worked on over 13,000 projects – casting, recording, editing, and mixing voiceover – in languages around the world – for Broadcast TV & radio, film & documentary, corporate & training, eLearning, animation, video games – for speakers, businesses, non profits, and numerous government agencies.

Royal Caribbean International – Alaskan Cruise Tours

Travelogues have been around for a long time. They combine documentary-style information with commercial-style sales pitches. For Royal Caribbean International, we have recorded a large number of them. Some recordings are audio-only, some are synced with visuals (as is this snippet). They require a very positive and exciting vibe – to maintain listener engagement, with a compelling and friendly voice – to encourage sales. To be successful, this unique combination requires precision voice directing and music selection. When paired correctly, as Royal Caribbean felt we did, the product works very well. Which likely explains why the client brought numerous projects, year after year, to us.