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Not where you expected to be in voice over? Overwhelmed by choices or unsure of your goals? Maybe you’re wondering what you could be doing differently. Well, if you ask me, it’s time to invest in yourself and your business, and seek guidance. Then give me a call – because my career and passion is helping voice actors get to where they want to be. Hi, I’m David Goldberg.

Suppose you’ve been training in voice over technique (hopefully with us here at Edge), you’ve completed some demos, and you’ve begun auditioning. You want to get your voice over business off the ground now that you’ve acquired all of the necessary tools and skills. It’s harder than you think to get going – hey, it’s not easy to be an overnight success. But you find yourself struggling and hitting a wall. After all of the effort you’ve put in to get this far, you find yourself wasting all of your time and energy on dead ends. Literally throwing it all away! Why would you do that?!

This is where I come in. As owner of Edge Studio, head coach and booth director, I’ve seen (well, heard) it all. I hear all the chatter from voice actors about their successes, or lack thereof. Most of the time, probably more often than not, their reasoning for not booking work is incorrect. When I speak to actors, it’s easy to tell what’s not working. It’s definitely not rocket science. Usually, actors don’t have a plan – there are no goals in place or actionable steps that have been determined. Often, students are focused on the small things rather than the bigger picture and how to create longevity in their careers. It’s my job to assess a student’s situation and figure out how we can turn things around. That’s my passion – my personal goal – to help voice actors by utilizing my experience, inner-knowledge, contacts, and a practical approach. 

Fortunately, I’ve got the knowledge and decades in the industry behind me to help actors create a smart and practical approach to the business of VO. When students come knocking on my door wanting to work with me, we discuss all things ranging from auditioning, marketability, knowing your strengths and weaknesses as an actor, and how you can be operating at the top of your game. When I meet with students in private coaching sessions, we quickly determine which areas of voice over may be fruitful. When I teach my audition workouts, students and I move fast as an interactive group tackling different kinds of material and learning how to take direction on the spot.

Here comes the meat and potatoes: my mentorship. It’s one thing to work with me in coaching sessions or on a demo, but the next and crucial step to progress is having me lead the way into the big scary world of voice over. Simply put, I want to help you. It makes me immensely happy to see my students finding jobs, making money, and advancing their careers. The first year out of the gate is without a doubt the toughest. Let me hold your hand through that process. 

When a student joins my mentorship program, I take them under my wing for twelve incredible months. We look at the year through a weekly, monthly, and year-long lens, and figure out steps you can take toward measurable success. I’ll be honest with you. We’ll be meeting on average twice a month, and I’ll share how I think you could spend time improving your craft or your small business. If I think you need an overhaul of your website, we’ll cover that too. 

When I become your mentor, we’ll work closely together. Of course I keep training your voice to stay in shape, but more importantly, I’ll direct your big auditions. I’ll help you set up business profiles on the online casting sites, advise you regarding estimates, clients, unions, and agents, and we’ll spend a lot of time on direct marketing (finding and grabbing clients on your own because, with my guidance, I think this very often leads to the most profitable work for you). We set up practical game plans, timelines, and end goals, and I see to it that you hit these marks. 

When you work with me, the money you’ve invested will be worth every penny. Once you’re landing jobs and having clients reach out to you for more gigs, the return on your initial investment will be so apparent. At minimum, even a little investment in yourself as an actor is prudent so you don’t lose what you’ve gained and instead keep moving forward. Start with a single coaching session or join me for a year of mentoring.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, unsure of what to do next, overwhelmed, unmotivated, or unsuccessful, don’t stop now. Instead, invest in yourself and take the first step toward change. It’s all very much within reach – I can see that for you. Come work with me at Edge, share your story and be honest with me, and let’s get the ball rolling. We’ll get you on-track, on-task, and on the path to solid success.

Want more info on working with David Goldberg? Reach out to Edge Studio Education via email at [email protected] or call our office at 212-868-3343.

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