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Voice Over Actor Introduction: Tips for A Stellar First Email

Here at Edge Studio, voice over actors reach out to us all the time to say hello. We have a huge database of student alumni, as well as a thriving Production Department, who is always working with voice actors to record for professional VO gigs. Every week, our studio receives countless emails from actors looking to connect, and we sure have seen it all. So, when reaching out to a potential client, how does one stand out from the crowd? Well, you’ll need a stellar email with an impressive voice over actor introduction.

Make it Personal

When you first reach out to a potential client, a good first impression is key. Before sending that first email, do your research: read up on the person/company, know the product so that you appear informed, and most importantly find out the name of your contact. Rather than beginning with a general “to whomever it may concern”, get personal. Do a quick Google search so you can address the recipient by their name.

Those extra steps won’t go unnoticed and by putting in the time to brush up on the potential client, you’ll come across as friendly and knowledgeable. Rather than making a so-so first impression, you’ll have a successful first actor introduction, which will lead to more communication. Communication leads to gigs, and that’s the point, isn’t it?

Proofread that Thing

Dot your i’s, cross your t’s, and spellcheck the heck out of your email – trust me, it’s important. More often than not, I receive voice over actor introduction emails filled with typos and poor grammar. This makes the text difficult to read and causes me to question the sender’s level of professionalism. If I, or any potential client, is going to invest time and energy in a voice actor, I want that person to respect my company enough to proofread their emails before hitting send.

The more time you take to read over your writing, the better you’ll appear to a possible employer. Put in those extra few minutes to ensure that there are no errors, and don’t cut corners. It’ll pay off in the long run when you start landing more work.

Show Us Who YOU Are… But Keep it Brief

By far the most important thing you can do in an actor introduction email is to let people know who YOU are. You’ve taken the brave step to make a new industry connection, now take advantage of the opportunity, and show off. This is your moment to stand out and show a potential client what you’re capable of.

Rather than inquiring whether the recipient would like to know more, be confident and give them the information right off the bat. Mention your skills, any fancy previous credits, any genres that you specialize in as a voice actor, and definitely attach your demo to the email. Present yourself as a package deal so that the contact can see all of the possibilities for a future relationship.

Own your moment to shine, but keep it short and sweet. As I mentioned before, Edge Studio receives more emails in a week than we can sometimes bargain for, and we simply don’t have time to read emails that would be better suited to a novel. So, be brief and get to the point. Give us a snapshot of who you are and how we might use your voice over services.

All in All

There’s no right or wrong way to send an email, but having received thousands of inquiries myself from voice actors over the years, I’m pretty sure my tips for first actor introductions can benefit most people. However you approach it, use your intro to make a positive lasting impression. You never know who might read your email, always keep that in mind. Keep it concise, friendly, and confident, and you’ll surely impress your reader.

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